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The district of Kond, on the west side of central Yerevan, is the only place where it is still possible to see a few of the old houses which, until the early 20th century, were typical of the whole of Yerevan. The easiest way to find the remaining (as of 2010) old houses is to enter Kond up the steep cobbled slope from Sarian Street, just below building 24. For the church, turn right at the top of the slope, then left, and the church comes into view. The area of small houses with their flat roofs, narrow alleys and small courtyards was earmarked for conservation during Soviet times but little was done and much has now been demolished to make way for taller modern buildings. Within Kond is St John the Baptist Church, a medieval church destroyed in the 1679 earthquake and rebuilt in 1710 and again in the 1980s. The busy pink and grey tuff church has an interesting carving (presumably modern) over the north door by which one enters.

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