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Marshal Baghramian Avenue

The street has some striking buildings and provides a contrast to the centre of Yerevan. It is home to a number of foreign embassies as well as to Armenia's parliament building and presidential palace. Starting from the northwest corner of the newly named France Square (so named following the French president's visit in 2006) walk up ihe south side of the street. Near the bottom on the left is the Union of Writers building, renovated in 2010. Higher up is the imposing parliament building (designed by Mark Gregorian in 1950) set in beautifully kept grounds behind fall railings. Across the next side street is Lovers' Park which has been renovated by the Boghossian  Foundation. It is favoured not only by couples but also by young mothers and older folk enjoying a rest on one of the benches in the shade. There are also a couple of cafes so it is a good place for a cool drink before continuing. A little higher up, across the road, are the British embassy, steps leading up to the American University and the bronze statue, by Norayr Karganian, of Marshal Baghramian after whom the street is named.

Hovhannes Baghramian was born in Russia to Armenian parents. He fought in World War I, in the Turkish-Armenian war, taking part in the Armenian victory at Sardarapat - and in World War II commanding forces which expelled the Nazis from the Baltic states. He is buried at the Kremlin Wall Necropolis in Moscow. Turn round at this point to walk back down to the centre of town. Opposite Lovers' Park the presidential palace is on the left, just within its grounds are two marble statues by Levon Tokmajian, Tigran the Great on the left and Noah on the right. Admire the statues as you walk. If you stop you will rapidly be told to move on by police guarding the palace. Apparently after the post-election protests in 2008 a ruling allows people to walk past the parliament and presidential palace but forbids them to stop there.

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