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Yerevan in one day

Start off with breakfast at a cafe on Abovyan Poghots with some freshly ground soorch (coffee). Take a look around the grand buildings of Hanrapetutyan Hraparak (Republic Sq), and have a browse in the National Gallery. Head up Abovyan and take a look at the Katoghike church. The square around the Opera House has plenty of cafes for lunch dining. The Matenadaran is a fine building with a small but beautiful collection of manuscripts on display, or go up to the Cascade for a grand view over the city, surrounded by flower beds. Then head out to a restaurant for a long dinner of Armenian khoravats with salads, desserts and cognac. Check out a club or people-watch from any one of dozens of late-night cafes, around the Opera House and the Ring Park in particular.

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