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Menu Decoder

Armenians often call common foods by Russian, Turkic and even Hindi words.

Menu Decoder
abour – soup
basturma – cured beef or ham
biber – capsicum, pepper
bourek – flaky stuffed pastry
dolma – rice and meat parcels in vine leaves
hats – bread
hav – chicken
hummus – ground chickpea paste with oil
gov – beef
ishkhan – Sevan trout
kebab – ground meat cooked on a skewer
kedayif – crunchy dessert pastry
khamaju – a meat pie similar to khachapuri
khash – winter stew of animal parts
khaghogh – grapes
khashlama – lamb stew cooked in beer or wine
khoravats – barbecue, usually pork, lamb or beef, also
vegetables and fish, does not include kebab
khoz – pork
kyufta – meatballs mixed with onion and egg
lahmajo (lahmajoon) – minced-lamb minipizza
lavash – thin flat bread
matsoon – yogurt
oghee – fruit vodkas
paneer – cheese
patlijan – aubergine
pomidor – tomato (also loleek)
shakar – sugar
siga – river trout
suchush – plum and walnut sweet
sujukh – cured sausage
tabouleh – diced green salad with semolina
tan – yogurt
tsiran – apricot
vochkhar – lamb

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