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Crossing the street

It is said that Yerevan is an extremely safe city, except when it comes to crossing the street. Pedestrians face serious risks when attempting to do so, and there have been bad and even fatal accidents.

Unfortunately, the phasing of traffic lights is not always reliable. Although the green "walk" signs may flash, cars still make fast turns through the intersection because the turn signals are not synchronized to allow for safe pedestrian passage. To add to the shock of nearly being run over, pedestrians crossing when the signal appears to be in their favor are sometimes treated to honking and fist shaking by drivers who believe they have the right of way.

When crossing busy streets such as Mashtots and Sayat Nova, cross at the green light and stop on the small painted island in the middle of the street. Wait there and make sure that even if the crossing light is green, there are no oncoming cars. Although it is tempting just to follow the locals as they negotiate the intersections, a second of hesitation may find you against the bumper of an aggressive vehicle. Always keep your eyes open and look in all directions before attempting to cross the street.

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