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Tuba Shahi Mosque

Tuba Shaxi mosqueTuba Shahi Mosque (Azerbaijani: Tuba-Şahi məscidi)– is located in Mardakan township of Baku. It is an architectural monument of Azerbaijan and is a cultic construction, which was spread in architecture of the northern regions of Azerbaijan. The mosque was constructed in the 15th century and was named in honor of the woman who ordered its construction.

An inscription confirming its construction date was carved on the mosque (1481-1482). There is one more inscription in the mosque, on the spiral stairs near the entry of the mosque which lead to roof. Evidently, this inscription belongs to a more ancient mosque of the village and indicates the construction date – Muharram of the 774th year of Hijri (1372) and shows names of customers –sadr Haji Bahaaddin and his son Mahmud Abayil.

Quadrangular castle – a building of the Middle Ages is located directly near the mosque.