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The ensemble of Shirvanshahs` Palace is the largest monument of Shirvan-Apsheron branch of Azerbaijanian architecture built in the XV century. The ensemble was built not according to a certain architectural design. However, taking into consideration the purpose of each building of the Palace, the masters could get the beatiful scenery accomodating them in a special way.

Gradually the number of succesively revealed closed prospects with excellently found compositional equilibrium of architectural parts has been formed. A small opening at the nothern blank wall leads to the closed yard framed by arched arcade. In the compositional centre of the yard, on the high stilobat, there is an octangular rotonda, which is surrounded by the open arched arcada. The inner form of the hall is crowned with the cut stone cupola of unusual outlines. The western facade of the rotonda is represented by the magnificient portal.

The polish semi-cupola is leaned on the intricate system of precisely designed stalactites. The timphan and the plane over the openings` are covered by excellently and carely made ornaments. Portal leads to the vestibule, which connects the hall with the spacious vault in the stilobat and two office premises laid on one over another. The artistic value of Divankhane determines the compositional perfection, staying-power of architectural elements, virtuosity of ornamentation. The pattern of elements with excellently used inner proportionality and master`s ideas about the technical artistic means of material is the base of this proportionality. The architectural forms of the arcade of rotonda and the number of columns of the yard emphasize the main purpose of rotonda due to precise correlation of elements.

Style features and partial incompletion of decorating date Divankhane to the end of XV century.

The purpose of Divankhane is the place of state meetings.