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Dwelling House


The ensemble of "Shirvanshahs` palace" is the biggest monument of Shirvan-Apsheron branch of Azerbaijanian architecture built in 15 century.

The ensemble was built not according to a certain architectural design. However, taking into consideration the purpose of each building, the masters could accomodate them to get a beatiful scenery. Gradually, the number of succesively revealed closed prospects with excellently found compositional equilibrium of architectural parts has been formed.

Two-storeyed dwelling-house, the oldest building of ensemble has more, than 50 premises of different forms and sizes, connected by three spiral staircases. The massive portal from the yard leads to the octangular hall crowned with cupola. The small octangular vestibule beyond it connects it with the other premises of the palace - four entrances lead to the different rooms, another two ones - to staircase. The slots of the niches of the octangular hall were intended for communication with the ground floor.

Spread out at the picturesque panorama of the gulf by erkers, the Southern and Eastern halls are distinguished from the ceremonial halls and rooms of the first floor.

The stepped abris of the plane and two-light windows, usual for Apsheron houses, makes a good lighting of the premises.

The stone plane emphasize the rotation of masonry rows typical for Shirvan and "shebeke" - the stone lattices by which all windows are cowered.

The strictness of the main entrance leading to the ceremonial yard differs from richer buildings of another yards.