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The Eastern Portal


The Eastern Portal of the Shirvanshahs' Palace was erected later than the other parts of the complex, in XVI century, during the occupation of Baku by Turkish.

The Portal was built in the spirit of portals of the Divankhane and the tomb with its general style and artistic-ornamental composition. However, some features of decadence in construction art, the poor quality of stone, the destruction of the purity of Azerbaijanian ornamental art, are noticed at the portal.

Amirshah Valiankukhi, the citizen of Tabriz`s suburb, was the master, who built this portal entrance.

The upper part of the Portal is decorated with the constructional inscription in Arabic: "Ulu Radgab-baba Bakuvi ordered to build this noble building during the government of fair and majestic Sultan Murad Khane" (994 khidjri - 1585-1586). The inscription has rosettes with plant ornaments from two sides.

There is the deep niche formed by stalactical semicupola as the low part of the portal.

Unlike the other portal of Palace, this one has a wide arrow-shaped entrance looked like the gate. It is possible this construction to be the entrance of the building which was not survived or built at all. This version is supported by the inscriptions which say about the construction of building - "imaret", not gate.

The master tried to keep the ensemble unity, but could not avoid the influence of decadence, taken place in architecture of that period, which was marked by war events.