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The palace bath-house


The palace bath-house is situated in the lowest terrace of complex. It had been discovered in 1939, cleared in 1953 and presented in 1961. On the strength of cleared parts of bath-house one can say that the premises were overlapped by cupolas and lighted due to slits at cupolas. This system is typical for bath-houses of Baku and Apsheron.

The plan of palace bath-house consists of two large quadrangular premises divided into smaller ones by means of four columns. One group of premises is intended for undressing and called "chel" or "bayir" (outside). But another group is intended for washing and called "ichery"(inner part).

The reservoirs of cold and hot water called "Khazna" are connected with washing-part. There was special premise for heating of water next to reservoir. The heating was realized due to steam canals under the floor of washing-part. Room for undressing was heated by hot air's coming from washing-part.

Doctor Lerch who has been in the palace 1733, wrote about bath-house: "The bath-house is nicely decorated both from outside and inside". The water came from ovdan-reservoir - at the wall - to the boiler - room of bath - "kulkhana" - and flowed in special pipes. There were many premises such as: undressing-room, washing-room, "khalbati" - single-washing-room.

The wash-basins are cut at the walls in to which the water came from small apertures of ceramic pipes. Also there are, round reservoirs and holes for bath-shoes.