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The Palace's mosque


The Palace mosque is situated at the lower yard of the complex. The terseness of its prismatic spaces, completed by two sharp-pointed cupolas, is emphasized by well-proportioned vertical minaret, raised in northern-eastern part of the building. There are 2 praying-halls in the mosque and some small subsidiary rooms. All rooms are added into rectangle of the plan, from which only women's praying-hall is seen.

There are three entrances into the mosque. The main nothern entrance has a portal. From each side of the portal there are some circul niches, which were intended for shoes, because one can not enter the mosque without taking the shoes off and having a wash. The process of washing was set in nothern part of the yard, where there is a well and small reservoir.

There is the second entrance into the mosque from the eastern part with the simperier portal. The western entrance is the simpeiest one. The big clay jugs are walled up the corners of centre hall of the mosque, the noles of which are turned to the hall. On onehand it makes the good resonance, on the other hand it is constructive antiseismic way to make a building steady by reduction of the centre of gravity.

At the southern part of the hall there is a simply decorated mikhrab,-the niche of wich is overlapped by semicupola. There are niches of diffirent forms and functions. They were insended for piling up the praying-carpets, chirachs, korans. The windows are covered by shebeke, wich make this simple place more beautiful.

The small balcony of minaret is supported by stalactites and polishly - made inscription which says: "... This minaret was built by Sultan Khalilullah I. Let Allah exalt the days of his government. 845 khidjri." (1441-1442).