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Yusif Ibn Kuseyr's Tomb

Ajami ibn Abubakr Nakhchivani (life: 12th-13th centuries) is a Muslim architect. He is also the founder of the Nakhchivan school of architecture. The influence, which he has rendered on his contemporaries and followers, is reflected in monuments of Nakhchivan architecture.

Masterpiece of Ajami is Yusif Ibn Kuseyr's Tomb –  one of the most ancient monuments in Nakhchivan. People call it also Atababa tomb. On the epitaph of the tomb, it was written that the tomb was built by the architect Ajami Nakhchivani son of Abubakr in 1162, and the name of the person who buried there is written on the stone as well. The ayahs (sentences) from Koran are written on the wall of the monument.  The tomb consists of underground and eight-pointed surface. The underground is the tomb, and the surface is of monumental type like memorial monument. The ornaments are made of small bricks, and were fixed to the surfaces by means of cement substances.

Each side of this construction is decorated with various ornaments.