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Gelersen-Gorersen fortress - is a fortress of the Middle Ages, ruins of which remain on the coast of the Kish River, about four kilometers far from Shaki city, on the summit of Garatepe Mountain.

Construction of the fortress is dated back to the VIII-IX centuries. Gelersen-Gorersen was thoroughly consolidated and was used for defense. In translation from Azerbaijani language the name of the fortress means “will come-will see”. An interesting episode from the history of Shaki Khanate is connected to it. When the ruler of Iran, Nadir shah, attacked Shaki Khanate in the VIII century, Haji Chalabi, khan of Shaki Khanate, secured in the fortress. When Nadir shah offered him to give in, Chalabi answered: “You will come and see”. Infuriate Nadir shah, who was not expected such an answer, decided to capture the fortress by force. In 1744, the shah approached the fortress with a great army, but couldn’t capture it and fell back. Since then the fortress was famed as Gelersen Gorersen.