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Carpet Weaving Factory

Quba Rayon is known for its apples and forests, which Quba city is known for its carpets. The ancient art of carpet weaving is still prevalent in this northeastern corner of the Caucasus region. It is possible to visit one of these factories, the World of Carpets Association. In this “factory” you will find Master Weavers sitting in front of looms, hand crafting beautiful, pieces of art from naturally died wools and silks. The craft is still being done here, the same as it was hundreds of years ago.

At the World of Carpets Association you will find a stone building with 2 main workrooms of Masters. The proprietor, Fatima, is an amazing woman who started the company in 1989 to help teach local woman the craft of designing and sewing clothes during the Soviet era. In 1998 the company turned towards the art of hand-knotted carpet making, a tradition that was dominant in her family for generations.

If you go to Quba, you must stop by the Carpet factory for a free tour and sneak peek into the ancient art of carpet weaving. You will also find the proprietors daughter, Aygun, speaks fantastic English and can help with arrangements in Quba.