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There are many kinds of qutab: with meat, with herbs, edible wild herbs, offal (especially from cows and sheep), herbs with cottage cheese, pumpkin and beans. Qutabs containing meat and offal are fried from on sides in butter. The other qutabs are cooked on a saj (an iron disk for baking flat bread) or cast-iron pan and while serving are drizzled with hot butter.


Spinach – 600 g., sorrel – 600 g., onions – 200 g., coriander and dill – 70 g., wheat flour – 600 g., melted butter – 80 g., butter – 80 g., lavashana (sour fruit concentrate) – 40 g., 1 egg, yoghurt – 200 g., pepper – 0.4 g., salt. 
Clean, wash and chop the herbs. Add salt and cherry-plum pickles to the herbs and mix. Or steam the herbs together with fried onions. Add salt and pepper and mix in the lavashana. Add the egg, water and salt to the flour to make a stiff dough. Roll the dough to 0.5 - 1mm thickness and cut into circles. Put the prepared herb filling onto the circle of dough, fold into a half-moon shape cook both sides in a pan without oil. 
Drizzle with heated butter and serve with yoghurt.


Mutton – 400 g., onions – 80 g., lavashana – 60 g. or pomegranates – 80 g., wheat flour – 400 g., melted butter – 120 g., sumac – 10 g., pepper – 0.4 g., salt. 
Make a stiff dough without yeast. Roll it to 0.5 - 1mm thickness, to a circle the size of a small saucepan. Add lavashana or pomegranates to a filling made of minced mutton and onions, place onto the circle of dough and fold into a half-moon shape. Fry the qutabs in butter. Sprinkle with sumac when serving.


Pumpkin – 800 g., pomegranates – 100 g., flour – 600 g., onions – 100 g., melted butter – 120 g., cinnamon – 0.4 g., salt. 
Clean, cut into cubes and steam the pumpkin. Add butter-fried onions, salt, cinnamon and pomegranates to the pumpkin and place the filling on a circle of dough, fold into a half-moon shape and fry on both sides. 
Drizzle with butter when serving. 


Herbs – 800 g. (spinach – 300 g., sorrel – 300 g., green onions – 100 g., coriander and dill – 100 g.), cottage cheese – 400 g., wheat flour – 500 g., melted butter – 80 g., butter – 80 g., 1 egg, pepper, salt. 

Clean, wash and steam (optional) the herbs with butter-fried onions. Cool the mixture, add cottage cheese, pepper and salt and mix again. Make the dough with the egg, separate into dough balls and roll to 1 mm thickness. Place the filling onto a circle of dough and fold into a half-moon shape. Fry both sides in a pan.

Drizzle the qutab with hot butter when serving.