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Goy Gol Lake

The beautiful and serene lake of Goy Gol that is close to Ganja was created as the mountain streams of the Mt Kyapaz were dammed at a particular region. This idyllic and serene lake is often referred to as the tears of Kyapaz. There are several lakes in the mountain but the most popular one is the Goy Gol commonly known also as a Blue Lake. This lake site was a camping retreat and flocked by large number of visitors.

The scenic beauty in and around the Goy Gol is quite appealing and mesmerizing. These visual delights will make the make one fall in love with this place. Around the lake, you can find several autumn forests and green forests. The autumn forest bear various yellow colored and auburn colored leaves that leaves the place astoundingly beautiful. There are military check points before and beyond the lake due to vicinity of frontline with Armenian forces still occupying Azeri land.

The scenic beauty of the place, the misty ambience, the tranquility and the calmness is the paradise for all the tourists. The forest scenery from the distance looks amazingly beautiful. There are natural reserves around the Goy Gol. There are about 3806 hectares of wood lands that are full of various species of floras and faunas. It is located in the north eastern part of the small Caucasus Mountains. Here, you can find about fifty species of birds and about four hundred and twenty types of vegetation. The forest near the lake shelters various endangered animals like Caucasian gabion, badger, plow, stone marten and many others.

Goy Gol is one of the finest and the beautiful lakes on the world. The mountainous landscapes and presence of springs makes this place inviting. Near this lake, you can several other lakes like Maral Gol (Deer Lake), Zali Gol (Leech Lake) and Sara Gol (Yellow Lake). These lakes are equally beautiful and mesmerizing. Your visit to Goy Gol can be one of the most rewarding trips in Azerbaijan, which you will cherish forever.