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Kyapaz lake

Kyapaz lake in Ganja is one of the must visit sites while you are in Ganja. For its brilliant natural scenic beauty and idyllic surroundings, Kyapaz lake is regarded as one of the most well known tourist attractions in Ganja.

The 1139 earthquake opened the distinctive rocky peak of the Mount Kyapaz and disgorged a huge mass of rock obstructing the mountain streams in several places. This created a string of seven mountain lakes in the region and these are known as the Kyapaz lakes in Gance. The lakes are also known as the 'tears of Kyapaz'. Among the Kyapaz lakes two lakes are more famous then the rest. The Goy Gol or the Blue Lake was a camping retreat popular with the tourists. The Maral Gol or the 'Deer Lake' is relatively secluded than the other water bodies. Also, there are the Zali Gol or the Leech Lake and Sara Gol or the Yellow Lake among the Kyapaz lakes, Gance.

The area of the Kyapaz lakes, Gance wears the most beautiful look perhaps in the autumn when the green forests are splashed by the myriad hues of yellow, auburn and red. The Maral Gol offers the best views. But, there is one thing which you should keep in mind while traveling to this area. You will find there military checkpoints before and beyond Chaykand where troops may refuse passage to anyone except registered residents. But, even if you cannot get as far as the lakes, there is still lot to enjoy and experience. The drive till the first check post above Chaykand offers beautiful views of the Mount Kyapaz and its impressive forest scenery. If you are fortunate, you might end up visiting the Kyapaz lakes, Gance and this would surely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.