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Balakan is a rayon of northwestern Azerbaijan, located between Georgia and Russia. It borders Georgia to south and Dagestan of Russia to east and north. There is an Azerbaijan-Georgia border crossing at Postbina in the rayon that is open to both local residents and foreigners.

The rayon is situated at the foothills of Greater Caucasus and is very rich with flora and fauna. Balakan mountains makes up the big part of Zakatala State Reserve. The Katex waterfalls is located in the reserve. Due to existence of many mountains in the rayon, Balakan is rich with many rivers. The mountainous part of rayon is cold, the temperature in lower parts is mild. Average annual humidity reaches 41%, average monthly temperature is +13 °C. The northern part of rayon is enriched with vegetation, among them hornbeam, alder, oak, chestnut, walnut, acacia trees, as well as raspberry, rose hip and mespilus. There are over 30 plants used for medical treatment purposes