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Settlement Lazah is located on the northeast spurs of the Main Caucasian Ridge (M.C.R.), at bottom of a high mountainous plateau "Shah Yaylag" and on the highest alps "Shahdag" - its height is 4242 m above the sea level (a.s.l.). The habitation Lazah is located in a mountain hollow in height 1300 m (a.s.l.), on the ancient caravan ways across the passage of the Main Caucasian Ridge (passage Kurve), leading to the Southwest and Northwest spurs of the Big Caucasus. The Vicinity of the village is very picturesque, numerous waterfalls flow down from rocky walls. The village with the similar name is located on this way to the Northwest part of M.C.R., in gorge of the river Damiraparanchaj in the area Gabalah. As to the legend, ancestors of present inhabitants of Lazah (Gusar area) moved there.

The basic sight of settlement is the mosque of construction of the end of XVIII century and a sacred place "Pir Hajih Seid Baba". Inhabitants worship sacred tombs near to the pir. About 100 years ago this pir was in a rock located in the center of the village. Then this pir was transferred to a rocky wall on village edge near the sacred ancient cemetery. As to inhabitants, below the village, on a slope of the Gusarchaj River there is located a very ancient cemetery. There was saved the tombstone split half-and-half with inscriptions, as local residents consider, in Arabian languages. The part of the cemetery is eroded with rains and earth flows.