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Furnished apartments

If you're looking for a great alternative to a hotel in Baku or just not ready to pay high nightly rates for some of the better city hotels, we have a great alternative for you - Baku apartments for rent! Whether you're coming to Azerbaijan for a travel or a business trip, alone or with your family, it can be nice to stay in your own apartment in Baku. It can make one feel the city life better and provide greater independence, intimacy, safety and comfort. You can invite any guests and nobody will disturb you.

We are happy to offer accommodation in our nicely furnished and comfortable apartments in the center of Baku for any length of stay. All Baku EXCLUSIVE luxury apartments are within walking distance of the main Baku sights, theatres, shops, subway stations, embassies, markets and restaurants. Baku apartments' availability can be checked on request only as we work with several vetted landlords and have to check with them the availability of apartments each time when accommodation request is received.

Our English-speaking staff is available to assist 24/7. The apartments offered have all modern amenities. Kitchens are fully stocked, most apartments have Satellite TV with hundreds of international channels.

How it works?

Since most landlords don't accept bookings long in advance the actual searches of the apartment in line with your requirements can be started only 7-10 days before your planned day. Even if you booked an apartment with us months before your arrival we won't be able to provide you with the pictures of intended apartment until the 1 week before your arrival. This causes a lot of confusion, but this is how it works in Baku. The reason for that is that landlords are not ready to wait for weeks and cherish the hope that they will be able to let out the property for a longer period for someone earlier. And even if you pay in advance your booking will not be appreciated and landlord will just let the apartment to smb else who stays longer or pays more.

We have an extensive experience of working with local landlords and you can always be sure that if we take on finding you a suitable accommodation in line with your requests we will do that for 100%. We are many years on the market and have a list of vetted landlords we prefer to work with.

To reserve a furnished apartment you need to send us via email your request including your preferences for accommodation (number of rooms, approximate location, budget, services in apartment, for how long you plan to stay, arrival date, etc) and contact details. We will give you a quote and if the price is set will ask to pay a reservation deposit as a guarantee for us that request is genuine and you turn up.

Furnished apartments in Baku is a good alternative to hotels. But this alternative would be cost effective only for those travelling in groups. Solo traveller would be better off by checking into the medium hotel, where prices start from 70-80$ per night.

We are not working with budget apartments, all our apartments are of a higher range and located in prime areas of Baku city and start from 80-100$ USD. Solo or couple travelers are advised to stay in a hotels, unless they would like to book for a month or more. Renting monthly is more cost-efficient than daily, so all depends on you personal travel circumstances.

Please use the contact us form to check availability of furnished apartment in Baku! Please indicate tge number of pax in your group, how many rooms you need to be in apartment, the lenght of stay and arrival date. We aim to process all emails within couple of hours if received within office hours, otherwise it will take no more 24 hour to get a reply from us.