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Mekan Hotel Sheki

From $70 per day
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+994 50 3567454

Hotel services

General: 24 hour reception

Sport and relax: 

Services: Air-conditioning, Desk, Satellite TV

There are 2 houses in the yard. You can see one of the houses in the pictures. That house has 5 rooms, 1 shared bathroom with the shower and 1 restroom, both are very basic but satisfactory. 3 of the rooms have 4 separate beds. The other 2 rooms have 2 double beds and 2 separate beds. They plan to add extra 5 rooms as a second floor in the near future.

The other house has 3 rooms with 10 beds in total. Owners are very friendly and with a lovely sense of humor. Access is through the narrow road by car or mini-van for up-to 10 people. Larger vehicles will just not pass and will have to be parked somewhere 20 minute walk away.

Is this a good option to stay in this gueshouse? Absolutely.

But staying at a genuine homestay might prove more authentic, one would have more chances to interact with local people and take part in their everyday activities.