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Xinalyg - Laza tour

2 day(s)
from May to September
Tour countries:
Type of tour:
Adventure, Mountains, General

Please bear in mind that since the territory covered in the tour is considered to be a sensitive area due to proximity of the border with Russia a special permit is required to hike in the area. It take around a month for obtaining such a permit through Ministry of Tourism, so all the arrangements for the tour have to be done well in advance.

Day 1

08.00-12.00 Transfer by car from Baku to Quba
12:00-13:00 Short trip in the Jewish village 'Red Sloboda'.
13.00-15.00 Transfer from Quba to Xinalyg
15.00-17.00 Sightseeing in Xinalyg and surroundings
17.00-18.30 Transfer to Xinalyg pass
19.30 Putting up a tent on the shores of Shahnabadchay River, sightseeing surroundings, overnight.

Day 2

10.00 Walking down the path through the gorge along Shahnabadchay River to Laza settlement
16.00 Arriving to Laza
16.30-18.30 Transfer from Laza to Quba
18.30-22.00 Tranfer from Quba to Baku

Tour schedule

108:00Transfer by car from Baku to Quba04:00
112:00Short trip in the Jewish village 'Red Sloboda'.01:00
115:00Sightseeing in Xinalyg and surroundings02:00
216:00Arriving to Laza
218:30Tranfer from Quba to Baku02:30
222:00Arrival to Baku

Package includes:

 - Mountain guide (including his gear/food)
 - Mountain tent (2-3 persons)
 - Sleeping mats
 - Local driver with vehicle, exclusively for your tour
 - Permit for hiking in the area
 - Visa support

Not included into the package:

 - Any meals
 - Other personal expenses


N of pax

Tour cost for group (USD, $)

Cost per pax (USD, $) Special notes
2 1700 850 4 seater sedan or 4WD vehicle to be provided
4 2600 650 7 seater van to be provided
6 3300 550 15 seater van to be provided to allow luggage
8 4200 525 15/20 seater van to be provided to allow luggage
10 5000 500 15/20 seater van to be provided to allow luggage