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Local bus transfers

There are bus services on most roads and even the smallest villages usually have at least one bus per day, if there's a way through the potholes. On several long-distance routes bus/minibus services are duplicated by shared taxis which fill up faster and cover the routes recklessly fast for roughly double the mini-bus fare.

There is one direct bus from Baku to Lahic and it's almost always prebooked by locals. Meaning you'll need to transfer in Ismayli. And then from there take a shared taxi to Lahic. The whole trip, one way, is a minimum of 4 hours (usually 5-6)

Getting to Xinaliq involves a bus to Quba (3-4 hours), from there you'll need to find a shared taxi up the hill (1-2 hours). Problem is most taxi go in the morning, so you'd miss them in the afternoon. You can take a private transport up the hill, but this would obviously be more expensive.

NOTE: To get to Xinaliq from Lahic you have to return back to Baku. There is no road connection between the two. The road from Lahic to Xinaliq is only possible by foot or horseback and you probably need a guide as well (distance is about 40-50km).

Approximate driving times from Baku (by car)
Astara    6 hrs
Besh Barmaq    1.5-2 hrs
Lankaran    5 hrs
Minare (Cloudcatcher) 3-4 hrs
Qabala    3.5 hrs
Quba    3 hrs
Red Bridge (Georgian border) 8 hrs
Shamakha    2 hrs
Shaki    6 hrs
Xinaliq    4,5 hrs