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Beaumonde hotel

From $115 per day
11 Chavchavadze Street, Tbilisi

This hotel started hosting visitors as a family-run hotel, more than 15 years ago. Time by time they increase the number of rooms reaching 19 with 24-hour business center as well as conference hall in 2011. As a result, Guest House Beaumonde was transformed to the Hotel Beaumonde.

Beaumonde offers Hotel hospitality and style in the heart of Tbilisi. The hotel location is attractive for business or other purpose visitors, because the hotel Beumonde is located within 2 minutes walking distance from the city’s main Rustaveli Avenue. Surrounded by the city's top performance avenues, dining and shopping, our hotel provides comfortable accommodations along with exceptional services and amenities.

PRICES - USD, including VAT
Price per night
Standard Single Room
Standard Double Room 135