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Sharden Villa

From $175 per day
42 Leselidze Street, Tbilisi

Hotel «Sharden Villa» is located on the historic street renewed Sharden (formerly Commerce street, which was decorated with the city in 1867). Geographically, the center of Tbilisi is located at this place. Here begins the tourist trail to the Narikala around there are many historical monuments, including a synagogue, mosque and churches. The hotel is located near Rustaveli avenue, Liberty square, museums, theaters. Guest can not transport as they wish to go near a cafe, restaurant, boutique, salon and entertainment center.

A nice, quiet and cozy atmosphere, interior and exterior design of the European standards creates a comfort to our guest hotel. You can use the communicational systems to contact any city of the world, we also have satellite TV. All rooms are equipped with modern and elegant furniture and modern electro and video equipment, heating and cooling system. Each hotel rooms has a lovely views of the historic city Tbilisi.


PRICES - USD, including VAT
Price per night
Standard Room 175
Twin Room 175
Suite Room 280