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Rigareh water mill

The ancient Rigareh—a qanat-based water mill—is located in the Mohammadieh neighbourhood. The age of this engineering masterpiece is unknown; however, some historians believe that it dates back to the pre-Islamic era. The water is supplied by the Keykhosrow qanat channel and the mill is placed almost 28 m underground. The access corridor to the mill is about 133 m long.

A qanat channel crosses 9 meter above the mill and fills the huge 9 meter diameter water tank. When enough pressure is provided, the water is released and rotates the turbine. The waste water flows out along the channel and joins the main qanat channel with a gradual slope 15 meter further down.

This is one of few places in the country where visitors can get inside a living flowing Qanat accessible through a 12 m corridor. Since the advent of electricity to grind the wheat and barley, this water mill has become a part of history.