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Welcome to Meymand, a troglodyte village about equidistant from Shiraz, Yazd and Kerman. Meymand has been continuously occupied for more than 3000 years (some say 10,000) and consists of 2560 rooms in 406 mostly uninhabited caves dug into the walls of a valley. It's similar to Cappadocia in Turkey albeit smaller and without the tourists.

Meymand isn't exactly busy but it sees enough day-trippers that the elderly village women have taken to selling locally woven baskets, wild herbs and traditional nomad hats made of namad (wool soaked and pressed until it mats together). If you have someone to translate for you, the herbs are pretty interesting, too.

You can walk out into the surrounding hills and visit an interesting cave museum and also the restored village hammam (bathhouse).

Getting There & Away
To get to Meymand you first have to get to Shahr-e Babak. Buses leave Shahr-e Babak every day for Yazd (4.5 hours); savaris (3 hours) leave from Abuzar Sq in Yazd. Several buses leave every day from Shiraz and Kerman. Savaris from Kerman go first to Rafsanjan (1.5 hours) where you get an-other to Shahr-e Babak (2.5 hours). 

You will probably need to hire a taxi dar baste for the 35km trip from Shahr-e Babak to Meymand.