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Babol, once an important river port linked to Babolsar, is the main trading outlet on the coast. 

Babol is the capital of Babol County, Mazandaran Province. Babol is divided into two metropolitan area (Under Iranian law). The town is located between the northern slopes of the Alborz Mountains and southern coast of the Caspian Sea. It is the region's chief centre. Babol is a new name for the site of the ancient city of Mamatir, that then was named as Barforush. The city receives abundant rainfall. It is famous for its orange farms, for which it is dubbed "the city of orange blossoms".

In Babol is a XV century funerary tower built for Sultan Mohammad Taher. The ruins of Shah Abbas I's palace are located in the city. Mohammad Hassan Khan's Bridge is also one of the most ancient buildings of Mazandaran. It was built by the king Mohammad Hassan Khan Qajar, the ancestor of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar as the main road from Babol to Amol. Now it is known as the old road of Babol to Amol. Another nice scenery is Babol Noshirvani Park, which is the biggest park including playground located in the north part of Iran, located almost in the vicinity of Caspian Sea. Babol is home to important and intact forests and jungles. for instance, Shiadeh, the unique and intact forest, is located in south-east Babol. Shiadeh is the name of a rural area near the jungle.