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Car repair yards, shops and cheap hotels line Bazargan's Imam St, a gun-barrel straight strip fired towards the striking silhouette of Mt Ararat.

Crossing the Turkish Border at Bazargan
Travelling solo, crossing here usually takes under an hour. The hill-top immigration posts (24hr) are 2km above Bazargan village. The posts are just 600m from Gurbulak in Turkey (no facilities). 

Eastbound from Dogubayazit to Gurbulak take a dolmus (minibus; 25 minutes, last service 5pm) from the junction of Agri and Sehiltik Sts, 100m east of the Karahan Petrol Ofisi station (where Agri dolmuslar wait). That's about five minutes' walk from Dogubayazit's little bus terminal and cheap hotels. Westbound buses go from Dogubayazit.

Arriving in Iran during office hours you are likely to be welcomed by a charming Iranian tourist officer. The bank within the Iran-side customs building offers full rial rates for US dollars and euros. They won't change UK pounds nor Turkish lira for which you will have to risk the scam-a-lot guys outside or, more safely, ask hoteliers in Bazargan village. Beware that anywhere else in Iran, except Orumiyeh, Turkish lira are effectively worthless.