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Chalus & Noshahr

Of these twin towns, Noshahr (Nowshahr) is the more attractive, with palm trees, manicured gardens and a neat little bazaar around central Azadi Sq. The main reason to come is to use the spectacular Chalus-Karaj road that starts at Moallem Sq in Chains (marked by a tall telephone mast). From this square, 17 Shahrivar St leads west across a bridge into central Chains while Noshahr Blvd leads east passing the Malek and Kourosh Hotels (2km) and airport (4km) before reaching central Noshahr (6km) at Jameh Mosque Sq. Azadi Sq is a block further.

Noshahr is known for its humid climate and immense natural beauty, and is therefore an attractive destination for domestic tourism. Nice hotels and private villas accommodate hundreds of thousand tourists every year. Natural parks, green mountains and caspian sea with its great water for swimming all and all located within a few kilometers around Noshahr and most of the other cities in northern Iran. During the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi Noshahr was unofficially known as the second capital or the summer capital of Iran because it was where Shah and most high-level government officials lived and worked during Summers.

Noshahr Airport, previously an army airbase and currently a civilian-only airport is located on the western part of the city. The city is also home to Imam Khomeini University for Naval Sciences, some branches and campuses of Azad University of Noshahr and Chaloos, and Royan Institute of Higher Education. The Dual-use port of Noshahr was built by a Dutch contracting firm in late 1920s and is currently one of the most important ports of Iran in the Caspian Sea. The city of Chaloos and its associated towns and villages were part of the Noshahr township prior to 1996 after which they formed the new township of Chaloos by legislation from the national parliament. The city has been slow to industrialize due to environmental considerations and having an already vibrant economy based on TourismShip transport and Agriculture


Chalus & Noshahr