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Borj-e Sultan Zein-ol-AbedinSari is the provincial capital of Mazandaran and former capital of Iran (for a short period), located in the north of Iran, between the northern slopes of the Alborz Mountains and southern coast of the Caspian Sea. Sari is the largest and most populous city of Mazandaran, it is also connected by road to Tehran but is much less developed than Rasht, with fewer tourists.

Sari has a long history and is said to have been the capital of Sassanian Tabarestan before the Arab conquest. Important finds in the area of Sassanian gold and silver artefacts support this theory.

Tomb_of_Emamzadeh_AbbasThe main sites in Sari are two XV century funerary towers in the town centre, near the bazaar. The first, the Imamzadeh Yahya, is a somewhat austere circular building with a conical roof, a shape characteristic of the region. The second, the borj-e Soltan Zein al-Abedin, is a square construction still bearing a few traces of the original blue decorative tilework. Outside town, to the east, stands another tower, built around 1491, known as the Imamzadeh Abbas, which commemorates a nephew of Imam Hosein.

The Clock Tower, in the Clock Square (Meydan-e-Sa'at) located in downtown Sari, attracts visitors and has become a famous landmark. 

Although Sari is the most important cultural place in the north of Iran, earthquakes and other causes destroyed most of its cultural heritage and ancient monuments. Still, Sari has been described as Safa City (City of Curvet).

Kolbadi House, SariNotable are Famous Houses such as Kolbadi House and Amir Divan House (Ramedani House), archeological sites including Hutto Cave (70th millennium BC), Kamarband Cave (70th-millennium BC); also the Resket Tower from the House of Karen era and the Farahabad Palace Complex from the Safavid era. The statue of Arash Kamangir (Arash the Archer) on his chariots in Emam Square was destroyed by the Islamic regime. 'Arash the Archer', a legendary hero, in Shahnameh was believed to have thrown his demarcating arrow from Sari.