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The small town of Shush was once among the greatest cities of ancient Persia. It is the site of the ancient city of Susa and a pilgrimage centre for the faithful who come to pray at the tomb of Daniel. Now it's a pleasantly small, relatively new town with a vast archaeological site, splendid castle, enigmatic Tomb of Daniel and bustling market. Despite the importance and long history of Susa,  the visitor will have to make quite a considerable effort to picture what this glorious city might have looked like at the different stages of its development.

Getting There & Away
Long-distance buses en route to Ahvaz can often be persuaded to drop passengers off on the main highway, 2km east of town. Shuttle taxis head from this point into the centre, but not necessarily at 2am when many southbound buses go by. Heading out of Shush, you will usually need to go first to Andimeshk or Ahvaz.

Minibuses to Ahvaz depart frequently from Khomeini Blvd, 800m northeast of the archaeological site. For Andimeshk (38km) and Dezful they use small, separate yards across the road.