Trans Eurasia travel

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Getting to/from neighbour countries

Travel by Bus from Iran to Azerbaijan:

Astara and Jolfa are both good borders for crossing gateways for to go to Azerbaijan. There are daily buses between Tehran and Baku that you can also take. Another way you can do it is to take a flight from Tehran to Ardabil and then go by Taxi from there to the border yourself. Once you pass the border you can find all kinds of Transportation.

Traveling to and from Iraq:

You can cross at Khosravi and Mehran borders. Situations has eased up a whole lot, you can easily go in and out much easier, that is if you have a Visa. Another thing you can do is take the bus from Tehran and Kermanshah to pass the border.

Traveling to Turkey from Iran:

You can cross the border of Bazargan and if you need to stay overnight, there are hotels available for you. There also is daily departures from Tehran and Tabriz to Istanbul and Ankara, the ride might take about 30 to 40 hours from Istanbul to Tehran, but it is worth it since you first will first pay a reasonable price and in the mean time you will enjoy the sceneries along the way, you can really see the contrast between eastern and western Turkey.

Travel by Ferry to Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman:

“Valfajr” is a Ferry company that offers regular and seasonal departures between Iran and above mentioned destinations.