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Transport in Esfahan


The office of Iran Air (; Shahid Medani St) is in the shopping complex opposite the Abbasi Hotel. 


Esfahan has a few bus terminals: Kave terminal in the north is the busiest and is the terminal you are most likely to use. Most passengers buy their tickets at the ticket desks inside the terminal building just before they depart, but during holiday periods it's wise to purchase your ticket one or two days ahead.

As there are no bus offices in town, it's a good idea to ask about departure times of buses when you first arrive in Esfahan.

To get to the terminal, take a bus or shuttle taxi north along Chahar Bagh St. 

Buses to destinations closer to Esfahan leave from two smaller terminals.

The Zayandeh Rud terminal has services to Shahr-e Kord, with departures every hour or so. To get to Zayandeh Rud terminal, take a shuttle taxi west from Nazar St (East), just south of Pol-eSi-o-Seh.

From the Jey minibus terminal, there are hourly departures to Yazd between 6am and 1pm (VIP/mahmooly, six hours) and Na'in (three to four hours). To get to the Jey minibus terminal, take a shuttle taxi from Takhti Junction.


The train station is way out to the south of the city. To get here, catch a bus from outside Kowsar International Hotel; ask for the 'istgaht-e ghatah' and you will be put on the right bus. Be at the bus stop well over an hour before your train is due to depart. A taxi can cost more than the train ticket to Tehran.

You will need to book well in advance for all train trips, particularly if you want to travel on weekends or in holiday periods. Note that it's very difficult to source tickets for the scenic Esfahan-Shiraz service.

Getting Around

Always agree on a price before getting into a taxi, especially at the bus terminal and train station. From the airport most taxis use a meter; if yours doesn't, insist on setting a price.

To/From the Airport

The airport is about 25km northeast of town and there is no airport bus service. 

Bus & Minibus

Local buses and minibuses leave the bus terminal near Chehel Sotun Palace every few minutes. Just ask - and keep asking - for one heading your way. Elsewhere in town ask at a bus stop and you will soon be pointed to the correct conveyance. 


Avoid the taxi drivers hanging around Naqsh-e Jahan (Imam) Sq and Kelisa-ye Vank (Vank Cathedral) as they can spot tourists a mile off and will adjust their charges upward accordingly.

The long Chahar Bagh St is the city's main thoroughfare, and every couple of seconds a shuttle taxi goes mostaghim (straight ahead) for about US$0.10 per kilometre.

The long Chahar Bagh St is the city's main thoroughfare, and every couple of seconds a shuttle taxi goes mostaghim (straight ahead).

To outlying destinations such as the transport terminals, look for taxis heading in the right direction from the following places: Takhti Junction, Laleh, Qods and Ahmad Abad Sqs (for anywhere to the east); Imam Hossein and Shohada Sqs (for the north); and the southern end of Pol-e Si-o-Seh and Azadi Sq (for the south and west).