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Transport in Hamadan

Kish Air flies to Tehran.

All long-distance bus services start from the Tehran terminal (Enqelab Blvd), but most companies have city-centre ticket offices (7am-noon & 3-7pm) near Imam Khomeini Sq. 

Tehran buses take either the expressway via Takestan or the more direct road via Saveh, but few go via Qazvin. Expect delays after fresh snow.

Minibus & Savari
There are two minibus terminals. Use the Main Minibus Terminal (Zaman-e Hamadani Blvd), northeast of the centre, for Kermanshah, Sanandaj (maybe changing in Qorveh), Bijar (at 11am and noon via Qorveh) and Ali Sadr (several daily). Use Terminal Qadim (Ekbatan St) for hourly minibuses to Tuyserkan, more frequent services to Malayer (and thence Nahavand or Borujerd and on to Khorramabad), and to Asadabad (for Kangavar). Savaris to Malayer wait outside.

Savaris to Kermanshah, Sanandaj and Tehran leave from relevant points near Sepah Sq. The Tehran savaris are well-organised with a sign-up booth.

Getting Around
Shuttle taxis to the bus and minibus terminals leave from Ekbatan St.