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Transport in Rasht

Iran Air (Golsar Ave; 7.30am-7pm Sat-Thu, 9am-1pm Fri) flies twice weekly to Mashhad. Iran Aseman (Rasht airport) flies to Shiraz and Bandar Abbas. Both airlines fly at least daily to Tehran.

Bus, Minibus & Savari
The main bus terminal is 2km south of 'Toshiba' (Mosallah) Sq. Several bus companies have handy central booking offices. TBT (Saadi St) serves most destinations (mahmooly unless otherwise stated).

Savaris to Tehran leave from five different points along Imam Khomeini St. Informal Tehran and Qazvin savaris pick up at Toshiba and Gil Sqs, southeast of the city centre.

Many buses to Ardabil (5 hours) via Astara start from Tehran and pick up at Istgah Anzali (Valiasr Sq).

Savaris to Astara (2.5 hours) and Asalem (change for Khal Khal) start at Pol-e Busar (Saadi St).

For Fuman, and thence Masuleh, savaris/ minibuses depart from Yakhsazi Sq (Shohaday Gomnam Sq).

Informal Lahijan savaris pick up on Shariati St, but the official Lahijan terminal is 500m east of Janbazan Sq hidden opposite a Saipa showroom. Durations vary widely according to traffic conditions.

Getting Around

Many shuttle-taxi routes run the length of Imam Khomeini Blvd from Shohada Sq, or along Shohada St to the Lahijan terminal. Northbound, many shuttle taxis go up Saadi St via Shahid Ansari Sq, where some swing left up to Golsar, others continuing to Valiasr Sq (Istgah Anzali). These return southbound down Takhti St.