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Transport in Shiraz

It's easy to start or finish a trip to Iran in Shiraz because several airlines operate between Shiraz, Gulf cities and Istanbul. Iran Aseman and Iran Air fly between Shiraz and Dubai, Turkish Airlines flies to Istanbul, Arabian Air flies to Sharjah and Qatar Airways flies to Doha. 

Shiraz International Airport ( has a handy flight information number (199; 8am-9pm).


Most long-distance buses operate from busy Karandish bus terminal (Terminal-e Bozorg; Salman-e Farsi Blvd). Buses to towns west and southwest of Shiraz leave from Amir Kabir bus terminal on the southern outskirts. Buses for Kazerun (two to three hours, frequent) depart between 5.30am and 3.30pm. Ramshackle minibuses leave the savari station at Karandish for Marvdasht (near Persepolis). Mahmooiy services to Kazerun (2.5 hours, frequent) leave from Amir Kabir terminal.

Savaris to Marvdasht leave from the southern edge of Karandish terminal on a semiregular basis (50 minutes). Occasional services travel all the way to Persepolis (80 minutes). Savaris to Kazerun leave from Amir Kabir. There are no savaris to Bishapur. A taxi dar baste costs US$25; these also depart from Amir Kabir.

There are three trains per week to Esfahan (ghazal, nine hours), but the service has a reputation as being accident-prone and most people prefer to take the bus.

Getting Around
A taxi dar baste to/from the airport should cost about US$6-7. The Shiraz Urban Railway is being built and will eventually include three lines, 40 stations and 47km of track. Line 1 will run from southeast to northwest, including a stretch along Zand Ave between Valiasr Sq (good for visa extensions) and Imam Hossein Sq. You can also use shuttle taxis or taxis dar baste.