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Renion Hotel

From $65 per day
Seifullin Prospekt 163A, 050037 Almaty

Renion hotel is 3-star property located on Seifullina Avenue in Almaty. The hotel location is not ideal, actually it is in the middle of nowhere. There is almost nothing nearby, which is why theowners characterize it as being located in in a 'very quiet area' of the city. It's a quiet area of the city but definitely not a good one.

All spacious rooms and suites at the Renionhotel feature dark wooden furniture, a flat-screen TV and a modern bathroom. The lock on the door is so flimsy, that you'll actually worry about your safety and the security of your belongings. The walls of the hotel is not clean you can notice that the walls are splattered with some dried up drink that someone, obviously, deliberately threw at it, and nobody bother to clean it up. There is also half used toiletries (including the half used soap bar) that staff don't replace after previous guests moved out. If the toilet paper is missed from the bathroom you have to ask staff for 2 or 3 times before they'll bring you necessary thing.

If the mini bar fridge is unplugged and empty, so you want a drink, it will be easier to go out and get one from the nearby store than ask the lazy reception to do anything. If you want any food at lunch time in the hotel, the hotel staff just waves you across to the cafeteria outside because, for some reason, you can't have lunch at the hotel! The cafeteria outside is a dingy horrible place that serves cheap crappy food that you wouldn't even want to touch half the time. The upside is that the waiters in that cafeteria are exceptionally polite.The lobby bar features a large TV.

Wellness facilities at the Renion Hotel include a spacious sauna and a spa bath. The indoor pool has a modern heating system. Wi-Fi access is free.

All in all, the hotel is a terrible place. It is not recommended for business or otherwise. Some people say it's cheap. But in a 5-star hotel, you would get a better service while this hole isn't worth the money paid for it. They claim to be a 3-star hotel while providing a service not even worthy of a single star.