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Akkol (Kazakh: Aqkol), formerly known as Alexeyevka (Russian: Алексеевка, until 1997), is a town in northern Kazakhstan. The word “akkol” from Kazakh people language means “white lake”. The town is situated near the lake Akkol. It is located 100 km north of the national capital Astana. The town is the administrative centre of Akkol District of Akmola Province. Most of the people are Kazakhs and Russians. There are smaller minorities of Ukrainians and Germans. Population: 14,217 (2009 Census results); 15,682 (1999 Census results).

Akkol phone code - +7-71638; postal code - 020100.

Akkol was founded in 1887. In 1965 the settlement received city status. Before 1997 the city had name Alekseyevka. Akkol city is a railway station on Petropavl - Astana railroad line.

There are railway transportation enterprises, brickyard, creamery, furniture factory and some others in Akkol city.

The national composition of Akkol city population is the following: Russians (39%), Kazakhs (39%), Ukrainians (6.5%).