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(Telephone code: 71431) Some 46km to the southwest of Kostanai, with a population of around 120,000, the town of Rudniy is founded on iron ore. The huge Sarbai deposit here was apparently discovered in 1949. The pilot reported the fact, geologists were sent to Sarbai, and the iron-ore reserves were found. Today the Sokolov-Sarbai Mining Industrial Association (SSGPO) dominates the economy of the town, operating the vast opencast Sokolov and Sarbai pits and the processing facilities for the production of iron ore in both loose and pellet form for steel plants in Kazakhstan, Russia and China. The town, spread out along the main road, Lenin Street, is dominated by Soviet-era apartment blocks, and offers little to detain the tourist.


18 February 1949 a pilot of one geological expedition "razvezdochnoy MG Surgutanov", flying over the natural boundary "Sarbaev" drew attention to the strange behavior of the compass. A few months later to the magnetic anomaly profit geologists and geographers. It was opened Sokolovsko iron ore deposits. Discovery and study of deposits is attributed to the geologist VP Nosikov.

In the summer of 1954 the Government decided to begin construction of the plant and the city with it. In May 1955 came the first builders. Managing trust was YM Gimmelmarsh, and chief engineer B. S. Bures. The miners, geologists and builders at first housed in the town of Komsomolsk. Additional tents have been installed, as well as construction of temporary prefabricated panel houses.

Already in 1955, Komsomol arrived at the Grand Turgay first 4,000 people. The largest tent city in the vicinity of the cinema "Komsomol". It consisted of seventy tents, and so went down in history as Semidesyatipalatinsk. Other tent cities were in place in 1939 quarter, near the village of Komsomolsk, in the bakery, the settlers lived in more than 200 tents - for 20 people each. Tent towns had their streets, whose names speak for themselves and who are still there in the city: Construction, Pioneer, Komsomolskaya, Ukrainian, Kiev and others.

The future city was laid in 3 kilometers from Alexeevka. The first master plan was developed in 1953 and was designed for 22,000 people. But in 1954, this plan was revised, the population increased to 30 thousand people. In the summer of 1956 the Kazakh SSR Supreme Soviet Presidium decided to make the ore into a working village. Also in the line workers' settlement was introduced locality Komsomolsk.

August 30, 1957 workers' settlement was transformed into a city of regional subordination. Over time, the city of Rudny grown into a major industrial and cultural center of Kostanai region of Kazakhstan.

The volume of industrial production for the 12 months of 2009 amounted to 145.5 billion tenge, or 76.1% of the facts of the past year, due mainly to declining world prices for steel production. During the reporting period, the volume of production main enterprise of JSC "SSGPO amounted to 128.3 billion tenge.

"Factory" Kazogneupor, "Transremvagon, Inc." Leader-2 "- production of alcohol, a firm" Arasan ", soft drinks," Sarybai, "Irgiz, Metalwork Plant" Imstalkon, "MLC-furniture", " tannery.