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Heading north from Shauildir, turn right after 7km at a turning signposted for the village of Talapti. The village is another 4km on, with the large low hill of Otrartobe on your right as you reach it. Only a small portion of the site has been excavated. One of the most interesting areas lies on the southwestern side of the hill, where the excavations have revealed a mosque, possibly dating from the 16th century This part of the site is identifiable by the restored square column-bases. Two round column-bases on the northern side of the mosque mark its main entrance. Between the mosque and an excavated area of living accommodation is a square on which stands a 15th-century well, made of fired brick and which is more than 12m deep. Also interesting is an excavated area of the walls, covered with protecting scaffolding. This clearly shows the way that the earthen walls taper from base to top.