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Kali Yunus Banya

From the entrance to the park containing the Karakhan and Dauitbek mausolea, continue southwards onto a rough track where the paved road ends, keeping the fenced park on your left. This track joins Baizak Batyr Street. Turn right onto the latter, and after a couple of blocks you reach on your right the Tsarist-era brick-built municipal bath house known as the Kali Yunus Banya.

Named after a wealthy merchant, the building is topped with 11 brick domes of varying sizes. You can get up onto the roof by way of a metal staircase at the back of the building. At the time of research, the interior was being readied to become a Museum of Ancient Taraz, with freshly painted murals on the walls of the domed chambers of the building depicting medieval life in Taraz and other towns of the area, including Sauran and Kulan.