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Kyzylorda, formerly known as Kzyl-Orda (Russian: Кзыл-Орда, 1925–1991), Ak-Mechet (Russian: Ак-Мечеть, until 1853 and 1922–1925), Perovsk (Russian: Перовск, 1867–1925) and Fort Perovsky (Russian: Форт Перовский, 1853–1867), is a city in Kazakhstan, capital of Kyzylorda Province. The city has a population of 160-170,000. The Syr Darya river passes through the city.

Kyzylorda was founded in 1820 as a Kokand fortress of Ak-Mechet (also spelt Aq Masjid, Aq Mechet, 'white mosque'). Yaqub Beg was the fort's commander until it was taken by the Russian troops of General Vasily Alekseevich Perovsky in 1853. The Russians then renamed the fort Fort Perovsky. From 1867-1922, it was city was known as Perovsk; and then Ak-Mechet again between 1922 and 1925. In 1925, the city was renamed Kyzyl-Orda when it briefly became the capital of Kazakhstan. The name of the city is translated as "Red Center" from the Kazakh "Кызыл" which means red and "орда"' which means center or capital city.