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Kazakh business visa

Business visa application

An application for a business visa follows the same procedure as a Kazakh tourist visa. There is one major difference however: you will need a letter of invitation from your company or business partner. If you are not really on a business trip, but would like a business visa anyway, you can get an invitation through a Kazakh tour company (ask us for arrangements). The price will ia 100$ for the LOI. For visits up to 1 month by citizens of countries with easy visa procedure, no invitation is needed for a business visa either.

Duration and cost

You are allowed a maximum of 120 days stay in Kazakhstan within 1 year on a business visa. Business visas are issued for a duration of 1 month up to 1 year. They can be single entry, double entry, triple entry or multiple entry. Prices will range from 60$ to 200$.


Registration at OVIR needs to be done within 3 days from arrival if you are staying for more than 5 days. You cannot do this yourself: the company who issued your invitation should register you. The price for registration is upwards from 3000 tenge.

Can I work on a business visa?

Business visas are handed to aircraft personnel, visiting academics, business people coming for negotiations, or anyone else who wants to stay for a longer period of time in Kazakhstan. But you cannot legally hold a steady job on a business visa. For this you need a work permit.