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Kazakhstan private visa

A private visa for Kazakhstan can be issued for 1 month or 3 months. It is always a single entry visa. To get a private visa you need to have a relative with a Kazakh passport, who is registered in Kazakhstan. As a foreigner, this will usually mean your wife or husband. This means it is impossible to get an invitation from friends in Kazakhstan or from your partner if you are not married.

1 month private visa

A 1-month private visa can be obtained without an invitation from your relative/husband/wife. All you need to do is prove to the embassy your connection (with a marriage certificate, for instance) and you will receive a private visa for 1 month a few days later. The cost is similar to a tourist visa, around 30 US$. It’s single entry.

3 month private visa

If you want to stay for 3 months, your partner needs to make an application for an invitation to her local OVIR (Migration Police). She will need to prepare the following documents:

    2 application letters: one addressed to the manager of the local Migration Police, the other one addressed to the general manager of the Migration Police (templates can be found at their office)
    2 filled in application forms (to be found at the OVIR office)
    2 copies of her ID
    a copy of her address registration book
    2 copies of your passport, translated by an official translator (not notarised)
    2 copies of your marriage certificate (translated by an official translator if necessary)
    4 passport photographs of her
    1 paper folder to put all the documents in

Once she has filed her application, the authorities have 45 days to issue you the invitation. Expect it to take that long. Once you obtain the invitation, you can apply at the embassy with this invitation and an additional copy of your marriage certificate. OVIR officials might say that you cannot apply at an embassy outside of your home country, but this is not true.