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Chumysh petroglyphs

Frusiratingly, these wonderful petroglyphs, only 20 kilometres from Bishkek, are just over the Kazakh border. If you have Kazakh visa or are travelling to Almaty, they make a worthwhile excursion. The Iron Age drawings depict hunters, sheep, dogs, horses and dancers. The ambience is enhanced by Chumysh's location, just on the edge of the endless Kazakh steppe, with the Kyrgyz Alatau range rising in the distance. At the border post closest to Bishkek, turn right after passing Kazakh inspections but before the final STOP gate. Continue for approximately four kilometres along the road that hugs the river. Backing on to the first large village is a rocky hill; the petroglyphs are scattered along this brow. A road leads to the top of the hill from the village's eastern end.