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Kyzyl Ungar

Kyzyl Ungar is another valley of startling beauty further into the foothills of the Ferganski Mountains. The valley is deeper and more dramatic than Arslanbob's and its mountains rise sheer from the churning Kara Ungar River.

The quiet village spreads lethargically over the valley contours and is in itself worth a visit. Any traveller who makes it this far off the beaten track can be assured of a humbling barrage of hospitality and curiosity. Yet the village is poor and the traveller should bring everything he needs with him.

The road leads through the village and continues the three kilometres up the valley to the turbaza and beyond, to the beginning of the network of hiking trails which lead up endless pristine side valleys. Good-value treks to the lakes of Kon-Kul and Kara-Suu could be arranged from Arslanbob.

Getting there & around

Daily buses go to and from Bazar Kurgan, but without your own transport you will need to spend the night. From Arslanbob drive down to the crossroads at Chorvak to join the bus route up to Kyzyl Ungar. Hitching is a distinct possibility, but be aware that that there is more livestock on the road than traffic. To kill time in Chorvak try a visit to the 16th century mausoleum perched on a hill above the crossroads.