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Kadji-Sai with the population of 4500 people, surrounded by low, wind-and-water-carved canyons, Kadji-Sai makes for a convenient midway point between Bishkek and Karakol. In 1947 Kadji-Sai became somewhat of a "Soviet secret" when uranium was mined here by Soviet Russia; at that time the town had no official name but was simply referred to as Frunze (after the capital) 10. 

The uranium, however, was of poor quality and the mine closed three years later. The town is set 3km back from the main road that runs the length of Issyk-Kol. Minibuses will drop you near the petrol station, cafes and a boarded-up Tourist Information Centre.

Sights - There are no must-sees in Kadji-Sai although it’s possible to take short treks to local geological formations including the Kydyrmadjar Gorge and Skazka Rocks – pillars of rock sculptured by the elements. The sandy beach is the main attraction at this tiny village, about 20 kilometres east of Bokonbaeva. No evidence remains of the Soviet archaeological digs at Khan Sarai, just above the main road east of the village. 50 metres west of the turbazci, above the road, broken pipes bringing steaming mineral water down from the hot springs above make a good place to wash hands and picnic fodder.

Getting There & Away - Minibuses, buses and shared taxis will stop at the intersection of the main road between Balykchy and Karakol and the road that leads to town. Taxis also wait here to ferry passengers the 3km to town.