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Other sights

Colonial Buildings - The colonial-era part of town sprawls southwest from the cathedral – lots of single-storey ‘gingerbread’ houses, mostly plain but some (eg those built by wealthier officers and scientists) are quite pretty, and a few (those of Russian merchants and industrialists) have two storeys. Among decaying former merchants’ houses are the Pedagogical College on Gagarin opposite the cathedral, the radio and TV office on Gebze (Kalinina) and another old merchant’s home at the corner of Koenkozova and Lenina.

Karakol Zoo - The local zoo (9am-6pm) protects many of the endangered local fauna, including bears, wolves, bobcats, mongoose, eagles and some ill-tempered ducks. It’s a shady spot and nice to visit on warm day.

Other Sights - The leafy Pushkin Park by the stadium, four blocks south of the centre, includes the collective grave of a squad of Red Army soldiers killed in the pursuit of basmachi. About 3km south of the centre (take bus 1) is Central Asia’s very first hippodrome. Headless goats are still passionately fought over by mounted horsemen during Independence Day (31 August) celebrations. If you are in town at this time, the games are well worth checking out.