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Sary-Mogol village

Local mosque in ary Mogol villageThe Sary-Tash 'crossroads' leads north to Osh, east to China and south to Tajikistan. A little way along the Tajikistan branch, another road leads west along the Alay valley to the village of Sary-Mogol. At 3,100m above sea level, Sary-Mogol sits in the shadow of Pik Lenina (Peak Lenin), a gigantic, 7,134m wall of rock, ice and snow that demarcates the Kyrgyz-Tajik border 20km south of the village. Peak Lenin is purported to be one of the easiest of the world's 7,000m peaks to climb and most of the foreign visitors who come to Sary-Mogol tend to have some sort of business with the mountain.

With no jobs, a harsh winter climate and poor conditions for agriculture, life is immensely tough here, and most of the adult male population have left to seek work elsewhere. However, tourism of a non-mountaineering kind has definite potential here too.

West of Sary-Mogol, the road along the valley continues to Daroot-Korgon and the Tajik border. Currently this route into Tajikistan was closed to foreigners.

Getting there A daily bus runs between Osh and Sary-Mogol in the morning from the Old Bus Station. Any buses running between Osh and Daroot- Korgon also pass through the village.